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CANCELLATO il Seminario "TOPOLOGICAL DATA ANALYSIS" - Prof. Ludovic Duponchel University of Lille



Purtroppo per impedimento dell'ultimo minuto il docente che doveva venire per il seminario non riesce a partire e quindi il seminario di domani 8 ottobre č cancellato


An important feature of experimental science is that data of various kinds is being produced at an unprecedented rate. In every areas of science, data take the form of always bigger tables, where all but a few of the columns (i.e. variables) turn out to be irrelevant to the questions of interest, and further that we do not necessary know which coordinates are the interesting ones. Big data in our lab of biology, analytical chemistry or physical chemistry is nowadays matter. New tools need to be developed in order to properly explore and valorise such data sets. Topological data analysis (TDA), i.e. application of topological concept in data analysis, can be one of these tool [1]. The seminar will illustrate why topology is well suited for big data analysis and could be more efficient than conventional methods. Illustrative case of studies will concern various spectroscopic data sets in different experimental conditions (with high noise level, with/without spectral preprocessing, with wavelength shift, with different spectral resolution, with missing data).

[1] M. Offroy, L. Duponchel, Anal. Chim. Acta 2016 (910) 1-11. http://dx.doi.org/10.1016/j.aca. 2015.12.037

nellʼambito delle attivitą del PhD Course in Models and Methods for Material and Environmental Sciences 

Host: Prof. Marina Cocchi; marina.cocchi@unimore.it