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CORSO Prof. Antonino BRIGUGLIO:"Palaeobiological applications in Earth Sciences by means of Foraminifera"

Nell'ambito delle attività del corso di Dottorato "Models and Methods for Material and Environmental Sciences",

il giorno Giovedì 7 Febbraio 2019, dalle ore 09:00 alle ore 18:00
presso l'Aula Uint.2 del DSCG, via G. Campi 103, Modena 

si terrà il corso del
Prof. Antonino Briguglio
Università degli Studi di Genova

con tema "Palaeobiological applications in Earth Sciences by means of Foraminifera".

Il corso è aperto e rivolto a dottorandi e studenti di ambito geologico e biologico provenienti anche da altri atenei.


The sedimentary record and the fossil preserved in it are exceptional archives of earth’s history. Some organisms can even preserve within their ontogenetic development high-resolution environmental variations. The course has the aim to show how some marine organisms’ physiology is fundamental to measure and quantify climatic changes of the past and how some organisms can be successfully used as proxies to reconstruct environmental conditions in deep time. The study of such past environmental variations can be a powerful tool to project into the future the evolutionary dynamics biological communities especially in regard of modern changing climatic conditions. The lecturer will present and discuss some of the most common applications in palaeobiology, palaeoceanography and taphonomy using foraminifera as working tools to stimulate (with practical exercises) the use of statistical methods which can be applied in both geological and biological sciences. The content of the course has an innovative and interdisciplinary character as palaeobiology permits the use of both chemical and physical processes to better understand geological and biological aspects in palaeontology.