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SEMINARIO Dr. Stefano ARETUSINI: "Frictional processes of clay-rich gouges at seismic slip rates"

Il giorno Giovedì 30 Marzo 2017 alle ore 16,00
presso l'Aula UInt.5 del DCSG (Via Campi, 103)

il Dr. Stefano Aretusini
PhD student, Manchester University 

terrà il seminario:
"Frictional processes of clay-rich gouges at seismic slip rates". 

Clay-rich gouges are widespread in fault cores and landslide decollements. Fast, seismic slip rates (V>1 m/s) occur in the fault core during an earthquake and in the decollement during a landslide collapse. Therefore, the mechanical properties and underlying deformation processes are important to understand these natural phenomena. In this talk, we discuss how water content influences the deformation processes.

Documento: locandina-seminario-Aretusini-2017