Bachelor Degree - Natural Sciences

The Bachelor Degree in Natural Sciences is a course of study devoted to an extensive and widespread knowledge about the Science of Nature and Environment. The field of study is very wide and includes the living beings, both present and past and the Earth Sciences. The detail of the content of each course that students must attend during the three years of study is reported in the degree programme.

A so familiar wide-ranging knowledge is crucial. To protect and to add value to the Nature and Environment in all their different aspects, in fact, it is necessary to develop a wide-ranging knowledge of dealing with animals and plants, that live in the different Planet Earth habitats, or in our country or near us. Besides that, we have to oversee natural disasters like floods, landslides, earthquakes or related to human activity like pollution that threaten them. To protect Nature and the Environment is very important to add value to them through cultural activities (educational programs, museums, natural parks, theme parks and science) that give knowledge, and support to economic activities which can develop in harmony with the environment that hosts them.

Both of these aspects are intended to attract increased attention and awareness in the future and can be implemented in good job opportunities for industry experts.

On the Unimore website , students will find information about the enrollment in the course of study and services to International Students.


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