Master Degree - Geological Sciences and Technologies (until A.Y. 2018/19)/Geosciences, Geohazards and Georesources (from A.Y. 2019/20)

Our Master Degree in Science and Technology Geological/ Geosciences, Geohazards and Georesources is the completion to bachelor degree in Geology.

During the two years of study, students explore a study path aimed at shaping a professional geologist, possessing the appropriate tools and expertise to operate in the areas of environmental protection and mitigation of natural hazards (landslides, earthquakes, floods, volcanic eruptions ...), the exploration and sustainable use of natural resources (water, hydrocarbons, primary and secondary raw materials). In the future, geologists will be involved in the management of urban development; they will deal with water and soil pollution, landfills and plants that recycle waste, alternative energy systems (geothermal, wind ...) and will address studies and conservation of cultural and archaeological heritage.

The second year of the course is extremely focused on the internship in non-university facilities, the drafting of the final paper (thesis), the acquisition of skills related to environmental legislation and of expertise in supplementary matters to geological sciences.

The work and learning process will take place directly on the ground and in the laboratory in an interdisciplinary environment with an optimal teachers/students ratio. The international nature of the research involving our teachers allows the students to carry out a period of training and internship abroad in the countries which are part of the Erasmus program or other similar programs.

On the Unimore website, students will find information about the enrollment in the course of study and services to International Students.

All students are welcome to our world.

By making our values their own values, students will understand during their course of study that geology is not only an undergraduate degree or a profession, but a way of life, a behavioral style and a mission.




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