Bachelor Degree - Geological Sciences

Our Bachelor Degree in Geological Sciences offers the opportunity to learn about the history of our planet, to understand its nature and protect it. The knowledge acquired during the course are the foundations that allow our graduates to build their future professional activities in the fields of nature protection, land management, mitigation of natural hazards (landslides, earthquakes, floods, volcanic eruptions, etc).

The structure of the course is meant for studying and learning directly on the ground, where geological phenomena can be observed, and in the laboratory, where they can be reproduced.

In addition to the basic studies about rocks, minerals and fossils, Geology deals with the exploration and sustainable use of all natural resources (water, hydrocarbons, primary and secondary raw materials) ( go to the degree programme ). The Geologists are often involved in the solution of problems concerning urban development, water and soil pollution, the localization of landfill sites, the preservation and enhancement of cultural assets and public safety. The basic knowledges made available by the course allow the graduated students to perform profitably the Junior Geologist profession or to continue with the Master Degree and become a Senior Geologist.

In a culturally stimulating environment, with an optimal ratio teachers/students, each student is monitored by a personal tutor, selected among the teaching staff, and can take advantage of a supervised study program. The international nature of the research involving our teachers allows the students to carry out a period of training and internship abroad in the countries which are part of the Erasmus program or other similar programs.

On the Unimore website, students will find information about the enrollment in the course of study and services to International Students.

All students are welcome to our world.

By making our values their own values, students will understand during their course of study that geology is not only an undergraduate degree or a profession, but a way of living, a behavioral style and a mission.


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