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Geology Courses

The three-year Bachelor degree in Geology and the Master Degree in Science and Geological Technologies are among the historical courses of the University of Modena, with over 50 years of activity.
In this epochal phase for the future of mankind everyone must be aware that the Earth is probably the only habitable planet in the entire universe and in any case the one hosting us with all other life forms. Our planet must therefore be safeguarded with determination: the environmental issue is becoming a priority in the management of global policy agendas.
Only by studying Earth we can understand its dynamics, preserve it and help create a sustainable world. Geological sciences study Earth as a whole system, analyze the processes that led to its evolution since its birth (about 4.5 billion years ago) until now and delineate future changes. The academic program includes a three years bachelor's degree where you can get a strong basic education founded on the classical geological disciplines and a two years master degree oriented to the acquisition of high professional skills and expertise in various fields of geological application. The optimal relationship between teachers and students, the opportunity to learn directly on the ground or in the lab with practical activities, the chance to carry out study and internship abroad are the strong points of our courses.

All students are invited to come and discover them.

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