Master Degree - Chemical Sciences

The Master Degree in Chemical Sciences aims at completing the scientific training in chemistry.

Graduates can work independently and successfully perform highly demanding working tasks or continue their training within PhD programs and specialization courses.

The Master Degree in Chemical Sciences provides advanced theoretical and practical knowledge in the different fields of the discipline, focusing in particular on the chemistry of natural and synthetic materials (synthesis, characterization and design) or of organic molecular systems (synthesis, characterization, design and study of structure-property and structure-function).

The courses of the Master Degree in Chemical Sciences are strongly connected with the teachers' research activities and provide the skills and knowledge required to carry out research and development activities in the fields of material and environmental chemistry, of agro-food industry and formulation technology. The subject and content of each course are described in the degree programme.

Two courses (Chemometrics and Bioinorganic Chemistry) are given in English and are described in more details here

The academic program includes a six-month internship at academic research laboratories or at public or private companies/enterprises.
Students can take some courses and/or perform their internship at foreign universities involved in the Erasmus+ program or other mobility programs.

Information about the enrollment in the Master Degree in Chemical Sciences and services to International Students are available on the Unimore website.

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