Bachelor Degree - Chemistry

The Bachelor Degree in Chemistry provides solid bases in mathematics, physics and informatics as well as an extensive knowledge of the fundamental aspects of chemistry. Students will learn to use a scientific approach in tackling chemical problems and to perform chemical experiment correctly, according to the safety regulations.

Theoretical and practical chemistry classes concern General and Inorganic Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Physical Chemistry, Analytical Chemistry and Environmental Chemistry. 

The academic program provides for two learning curricula (practical or methodological), differing for two third-year courses. 
For both learning curricula and for each cohort of students (Cohort = year of registration), the subject and content of each course are reported in the degree programme.

In addition to mandatory courses, third-year students must take two optional courses, chosen among those offered by other bachelor degree courses.

The academic program includes a period of training (internship) at academic research laboratories or at public or private companies/enterprises.

Students can take some courses and/or perform their internship at foreign universities involved in the Erasmus+ program or other mobility programs.

Information about the enrollment in the Bachelor Degree in Chemistry and services to International Students are available on the Unimore website.



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