The research activity carried out by the group of mineralogy and applied mineralogy is focused on asbestiform minerals, micas, clay minerals and other natural and synthetic micro- and macro-porous minerals as well as raw materials for the ceramic industry. The models developed on natural systems are the basis for research in the field of industrial (ceramics and catalysis) and environmental (waste treatment, sustainable agriculture) applications. An important part of the research is devoted to the study of the structural changes at non-ambient conditions (high temperature and pressure) or varying environment parameters (pH, Eh, etc), with special attention to dehydration processes of zeolites, the cationic and molecular exchange in clay minerals and zeolites, and high pressure synthesis of zeolites/dyes hybrid materials for photovoltaic applications and as a target for therapeutic agents.

People: Maria Franca Brigatti, Alessandro Gualtieri, Daniele Malferrari, Giovanna Vezzalini,
Collaborators: Rossella Arletti, Edoardo Mazzucato, Simona Quartieri, Elio Passaglia, Ermanno Galli


Crystal chemistry of phyllosilicates and clays
Maria Franca Brigatti, Daniele Malferrari, Chiara Elmi (CV), Angela Laurora

Mineral Fibers
Alessandro Gualtieri

Zeolites and microporous materials
Maria Giovanna Vezzalini, Michelangelo Polisi

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