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Suspension of the planned but not yet started outgoing and incoming mobility activities

Dear All,

With reference to the emergency in question, please be notified of the suspension until future date of all planned but not yet started incoming and outgoing mobility activities - from and to European and international Universities and companies - that fall within the following calls for applications:

·         Erasmus+ for Study 2019/2020;

·         Erasmus+ for Traineeship 2019/2020;

·         Erasmus+ for staff and professors (STT and STA) 2019/2020;

·         Erasmus+ ICM KA107;

·         MoreOverseas 2019/2020.

In line with the measures adopted by the Italian Government (Prime Ministerial Decree 2020) and the indications provided by the Erasmus+ Italia National Agency, the provision is adopted to protect outgoing and incoming students, as well as the teaching and administrative staff, and prevent the risk of any inconvenience, both in terms of exposure to the risk of infection and technical issues relating to expatriation.

As regards the expenses borne by students, staff and professors for the Erasmus+ programme, the statement of the Erasmus+ Indire Agency applies: “Within the Erasmus+ programme, the force majeure principle may apply. Therefore, the force majeure clause may be invoked, in a form and manner that will be later communicated, with regard to the activities and costs for all those mobility programmes that are cancelled due to the emergency situation and as a consequence of the provisions of the competent authorities”. To this regard,we are waiting to receive specific information from the Erasmus+ Indire National Agency.

Incoming and outgoing Erasmus+ mobility programmes that have started already may be suspended by submitting the request to the home University due to force majeure. 

Before starting any travel or journey, be sure you check the regulations in force with the embassies and the diplomatic representations of your country, and visit the website Viaggiare Sicuri.  


Please also be reminded that to travel within the Italian territory you need to bring with you the self-certification here attached as documentary evidence to go back to your residence address/city, jointly with your passport or ID to avoid incurring penalties.


Incoming and outgoing students willing to continue their mobility activities - provided that it is not contrary to the current emergency - are recommended to check their medical insurance coverage. The health / multiple-risk “AON STUDENT INSURANCE” cover offered by the University broker may also be activated - information notice and complete text of the policy at the following link: nalicontrattigare.unimore.it/site/home/assicurazioni.html.


Please follow the provisions issued by the Institute in which the mobility is taking place and based on the country of stay. 

Where requested and feasible, the activity planning and schedule may be reviewed and the mobility activities postponed upon agreement with the project partners, also taking into account the minimum periods of  mobility and the deadlines set for the Erasmus+ 19/20 and MoreOverseas 19/20 Calls for Applications - 30 September 2020 and 31 January 2021 respectively. 


Anyone interested is invited to contact the International Relations Office (phone 059 2058390 - studentmobility@unimore.itto consider what to do in relation to this provision.  


Kind regards,

The Rector 

Professor Carlo Adolfo Porro