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Lecture cycle RAW MATERIALS - The background

Lecture cycle RAW MATERIALS - The background

Raw materials play a strategic role in the economy of Italy and the world. They are based on materials and applications used in everyday life and in modern technologies. In some cases, the exploitation of these natural resources is the cause of political, economic and social conflicts. In fact, raw materials and conflicts are a node that occurs in the vast majority of countries characterized by enormous wealth in terms of resources. The faces of these conflicts are many, as is the background.

This series of free participation meetings are organized within the RAW MATERIALS project: source of wealth, products and conflicts

Curated by: Milena Bertacchini and Marco M. Coltellacci, Gemma Museum Department of Chemical and Geological Sciences

In collaboration with: Historical Institute of Modena, Municipality of Modena: A. Delfini Civic Library and Memo-Multicentro Educativo S. Neri, University of Modena and Reggio Emilia: Department of Chemical and Geological Sciences, PLS Degree Course in Natural Sciences and Department of Linguistic and Cultural Studies