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The Department

The Department of Chemical and Geological Sciences, DSCG, combines the best chemical and geological skills in the areas of environment protection and restoration, cultural and geological heritage, geomaterials, archeometry, hydrogeology, geodynamics modelling, green chemistry, sensors, molecular magnets, functional organic materials, food traceability, bioinorganic chemistry, computational modelling of drugs and inorganic materials.      

Nowadays, since the focus on environmental issues, energy saving and enhancement of both natural and synthetic resources is becoming the engine of economy, the contribution from the chemical and geological sciences is getting more and more determinant.    

The DSCG make available to public authorities and companies a wide range of expertise to provide technical and professional advice and to solve complex problems.

The Department is equipped with advanced instruments for solving chemical and geological - environmental issues and has been collaborating with numerous companies and public and private entities.

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