SEMINARIO Dr. Eugenio ALLADIO: "Application of Chemometrics to forensic toxicology and genetics"

Siete invitati al seminario, organizzato nell'ambito delle attivitą del Corso di Dottorato in Models and Methods for Materials and Environmental Sciences, 

Martedi 21 Marzo 2017 h. 16,30
Floor 1, Room U1.4 - DSCG (Via Campi 103)  

Dr. Eugenio Alladio
Post Doct Dipartimento di Chimica, Universitа degli Studi di Torino & Centro Anti-Doping e di Tossicologia “A. Bertinaria”, Orbassano (TO)

"Application of Chemometrics to forensic toxicology and genetics"  

Chemometrics strategies represent a pretty useful tool in the sphere of forensic toxicology and genetics. Nowadays, multivariate analysis are being more and more exploited in such fields, asssististing forensic experts and analysts during their interpretation process. In particular, likelihood ratio modelling and traditional chemometric strategies, such as PCA and PLS-DA, seem to be optimal approaches, allowing forensic experts and chemometricians to explain the achieved results to inexperienced people such as, for instance, physicians and judges.

Prof. Marina Cocchi