CHerMat - Cultural Heritage Materials: from diagnostics to conservation

Modena, 10-21 Gennaio 2011

Currently Europe lacks a common policy for Cultural Heritage (CH) conservation and protection. The intensive programme presented here aimed to raise awareness of these emerging issues and trained students who will work in CH preservation.

CH degradation/preservation depends on a number of climatic, anthropical, microbiological, and physical-chemical factors and on the intrinsic nature of the materials involved. An understanding of the physical-chemical properties of the materials and of the impact of degradation phenomena requires knowledge from different disciplines.

The CHERMAT Erasmus IP was a multidisciplinary programme including themes related to material science, geology, chemistry, microbiology, archaeology, art history, and the environment.

CHERMAT was a multicultural programme, involving partners from Italy, France, and Romania, with the aim of training Master and PhD students studying Cultural Heritage Conservation, Geology, and Chemistry.

January 10 – 21, 2011
The venue of CHerMat IP Programme was the Department of Earth Sciences of the Modena and Reggio Emilia University.